Tuesday, December 29

My life went on

I left here a few months ago, and my life went on. But things did not change here. Lori and Licia are just as funny. Patients are still sleeping outside. The Rescue Center is over capacity and kids are still dying.

Meet Delva

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He's dangerously sick from malnutrition and other possible complications.

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He has stayed on the oxygen all day today and is receiving several different antibiotics. Every now and then he mutters a couple words and it is precious. Praying for his miraculous recovery!

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Great things are happening here, too! This is the board to keep track of all the kids on Medika Mamba and how many tablespoons they get. Thought you would enjoy reading all the names, ha!

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This 3 pound baby came through the clinic today and will go the place where Loner was sent.

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Speaking of Loner, we were sent this picture today. Go back and read this post and compare the pictures. INCREDIBLE! This 2 pound baby who we sent also lived and is home with his family. God is so good!

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And just another precious face for you. He is saying "Hey blanc, get that camera out of my face have you ever tried eating spoonfulls of peanut butter?"

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Goodnight y'all!


spgraney said...

What precious and beautiful faces! You are doing God's work there for sure . . . you and your co-workers are in our daily prayers.

DeDe said...

Oh, Caroline ... I had tears the minute I saw sweet Devla's eyes. I love him and am praying for a miracle for him! Please love on him for me! - DeDe

Caroline said...

Delva is so precious. Praying for him. mom

Jingers said...

Caro- glad you are back in Haiti helping all of those sweet children.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a random reader, but I am praying for your safety and that of the other nurses/health care professionals and children. Take care.