Tuesday, August 18

Some old and some new

Diabetic wound. She was seeing the witch doctor. Clearly, that didn't go well.

Remember the little girl who pulled the TV down on her head?

She came back this week for a check-up. Doesn't she look great???

This guy was in a bad motorcycle accident. That is the back of his calf. Ouch!

Lori did an incredible job sewing him up through several layers of muscle.

Remember Loner?

We about fell out of our chairs when we saw this picture of him. He is doing so well over at Haiti Children's Home!


lar lar said...

Aww, Loner has grown so much and he is so precious! Can you bring him home with you?

Karlie Crosby said...

AHHH! That's so awesome. Praying for you often!

Cheryl Salayrds said...

Caroline, what great news. I think the little tv girls looks like you-those round eyes and sweet look!

You will be home soon!

Aunt Cheryl

jen said...

how amazing