Tuesday, June 30

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Dear Zihua,

I love you for so many reasons.

I love you for all the notes on my pillow every night

I love you for the infinity pool off our balcony

I love you for your beautiful skies

I love you for all the beverages that were delivered beachside by Hector and Andres

I love you for the bed on the beach

I love you for Grilled Quail and Lime Soup

I love you for all the amazing colors

I love you for the times we laughed until we cried

I love you for the pool that was literally on the beach

I love you for the sand and the waves

I love you for Mexican Train in the Mexican rain

I love you for the coffee that was brought to me each morning

And I mostly love you because I got to do this

and this

for an entire week.

I will be back as soon as I can,

Friday, June 26

Aaron Ivey

If you do one thing today, it should be downloading Aaron Ivey's new album Between the Beauty & Chaos. Aaron leads worship at the ASCC and I had the privilege of getting to know him and his wife Jamie when we traveled to Haiti this past March. They are an incredible couple and Aaron is a very talented musician. Do yourself a favor and head over to the iTunes store and buy this album today!


Wednesday, June 17


I am leaving tomorrow for a week long family vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I cannot wait to share all the pictures and tales of the trip (because with my family, there WILL be some tales) Unfortunately, my brother will not be with us because he is leading a cabin of high school guys at Young Life's Frontier Ranch this week. I don't think he is too sad though, because when he gets back, he'll hopefully get to catch LSU and Texas playing in the College World Series. The kid loves sports more than the beach. I however, will be yelling Hook 'em Horns from my lounge chair with a book in one hand and a yummy tropical drink in the other :)

In other news, I was a guest blogger on the Austin Stone Community Church's Make Disciples Blog. You can click here to read what I shared about my experience in Haiti and why I am going back.

Catch you on the flipside, I'll be the one with the glowing tan.

Saturday, June 13

T minus 4 days

Can't wait for the beach. Love the sand. Love the waves. Love the smell. Love, love, love the beach.

Tuesday, June 9


The Texas Board of Nursing has decided to grant me a license after passing the NCLEX. Guess they were convinced enough that I can provide safe care to general public and will not do stupid things like this...

Don't be fooled, I wasn't so sure. I have spent the last 48 hours (with the most gut-wrenching knot in my stomach) praying that my hard work would pay off, and that I would still trust God if I had to take it again. I am so unbelievably happy that this is behind me and it is time to celebrate!!!!! I'll leave you with my new grown-up, official looking signature

Caroline Tigner, RN BSN

(you can address me as that from now on. jk. ok but sometimes?)