Saturday, October 24

Leaves are a changin'

I took all of these in our parking lot today. Jealous?

Don't you want to come visit me and see them for yourself?

Also, in case you have not heard, Jamie and Story made it home to Austin last night only to head over to Dell Children's Medical Center. They are under the care of some great doctors and nurses who are still working on a definite diagnosis. Continue to pray for them. Pray for wisdom for the providers and for supernatural healing. Pray for rest for Jamie and Aaron and bonding for their family. You can check their blogs here and here as well as follow their tweets here and here for up to date info.

The Devil WILL NOT win on this one.

Hope you are having a great Saturday. Hook 'em Horns!

Thursday, October 22

Big Things are Happening

EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!! I cannot contain the excitement about the things to come on this blog. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about them just yet. However, I will give you a few hints...

1. I love the holidays. November and December is my favorite time of year. And gift giving is my love language.

2. I love Haiti. I hate poverty and I love everything that my friends at Real Hope for Haiti are doing to kick poverty in the face.

3. I love one of my dearest friends, Caroline Fontenot. Do you know her? She is an incredibly talented photographer and has an eye for design. She is good at things I am not good at and God is using her talents to change the world in ways that I cannot. Together we make a really good team and we are working on a very exciting project just for you!

Check back in the next couple weeks for the big announcement!

In even more exciting news, Jamie left Austin this morning for Haiti to bring home their daughter Story!!!!!!!!!! The past two years of their adoption process have been so hard for the Ivey's, but more than anything, they want people to look at their Story and see what an incredible God we serve. They got a call this morning that Story is very sick and now on an IV. Pray for quick healing so she can come home tomorrow! Pray for them this week as they bring her home into a new family. Also pray for their sweet boy Amos who cannot come home quite yet. Pray for his heart, that he would know how much he is loved and that his files would move quickly and that he will come home soon.

Thursday, October 8

Clinic Needs

Go read this post here about a couple patients who are in immediate need at the clinic. Can you help???

Hope you are having a great Thursday :)

Thursday, October 1

It's Fall, Y'all!

It's my favorite time of year. And for the first time in my life, I am living in a place that experiences four seasons of weather, and can I tell you that Autumn is so great. Cool and crisp in the morning, only to warm up to the mid 70s and slight breeze in the afternoons. Perfect.

Fall means it's time to bring out the boots

Fall means it's time for all things pumpkin. A special delivery was made to our apartment last week.

Fall means it's time for yummy candles.

Fall means it's sweater weather.

Fall means it's time for the leaves to change.

Fall means it's time for a (skinny) pumpkin spice latte as an afternoon treat.

Fall means it's time for Siberian Nights on your fingers and toes.

Fall means its time for cornbread and chili (I think it's better with Turkey!)

Fall means it's time to count on a great Saturday afternoon upset every weekend

Gosh, I could go on and on about why I love this time of year.

What do you love about fall?