Monday, November 23

Gift Haiti

This is it. This is what I have been dreaming up, praying about, having butterflies over and have been working on for the last couple months. Since I returned from Haiti in September, I have been trying to figure out how to live my life in light of all that I experienced. A big part of my heart is there, yet I know I am supposed to be here for this season. How will I remember how I felt, and the faces I loved, and the things that I saw? How can I share them with you, and tell you all the stories? I have felt useless at times, wondering what can I possibly do to help all the way from here? And then it was clear.

The photos.

Everyday, I can remember the stories. I am reminded of the beauty and of the heartache in the faces of the children. And of the hope in their eyes. I am moved to pray over them. And pray for my frie
nds who have given their lives to serve these precious ones. I can remember. And I can give. To the people of Haiti, and to my friends.

I can give my prayers. I can send my encouragement on days I have hope, and I can give my tears on days when I grieve with them. I can give my experiences; I can tell others of what God is doing in Haiti. I can use the things that God has made me good at to serve Him. And I can give financially. We can give. You and I have been immeasurably blessed and it should be a a joy to share all of our gifts.

After sharing all of this with my best friend and favorite photographer, Caroline Fontenot, we came up with an idea. She and her husband have always modeled how we as Christians are supposed to give, and give, and then keep giving and they have taught me that and more. They were supportive of me and walked with me during my trips to Haiti, and therefore God gave them a burden for the people of Haiti. We figured out how we could use my experiences, her talents as an artist, and our deep desire to see God's Kingdom come in Haiti for this incredible project.

So this holiday season, I am inviting you to be a part of something bigger. All of the photos I have taken of Haiti are available for purchase, and one hundred percent of the profit will go to my friends at Real Hope for Haiti

The 4x6 photos make a great stocking stuffer, or buy an 8x10 for your "under $25 office Christmas party gift." Share them with your loved ones, and tell someone who doesn't know about Haiti by sending them a print. Or even put them on your Wish List :)

All photos are available in many sizes as well as black and white or color. There is even an option to have them gift wrapped.Here is the site where you can browse all of the photos and place orders. If you don't see the photo you want, email us and we will make it happen.

You can email Caroline & Caroline (cute, we know) at

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This video shares the heartbeat of Real Hope for Haiti and will give you a tangible picture of what your money will support. You can also read
Lori and Licia's blogs to see what happens on a daily basis at the clinic and rescue center.

Real Hope For Haiti from Corrigan Clay on Vimeo.

On the right side of this blog you can click on the months of July and August 2009 to read my posts from my time in Haiti. I know if you do, you won't be able to ignore the needs.

I am so very proud of these photos, and if I was the only person who ever looked at them, that would be just fine with me. But ultimately, I just want to see less precious faces like this one

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become a tiny body in a much too tiny casket,

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and see more kids go from this,

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to this.

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Again, here is the site to place orders and you can email any questions to Caroline & Caroline at

This Christmas, Gift Haiti.


Anonymous said...

These phots bring back so many memories, so many. The good times on the walks, the hard times with so many kids dying, the kids that recovered, the kids that didn't. Thank you both of you for this. God is good. The end of December will be here before you know it!

Angela said...

I was in Haiti for a month with the Zachary family. Like you , they have left an impression on my heart. I'm so excited I found these photos! And so glad to know more are being captured by Haiti and moved to help!

erin h. said...

My daughter is undergoing chemotherapy and it's so easy to get bogged down. This blog made me cry, but made me realize how insignificant my problems are. I wish I could do more, but I just ordered a beautiful print of 2 sweet little Haitian girls to remind me of how blessed we all are, no matter our circumstances. XOXO from NC.

ac said...

Hi Caroline,
I bought some beautiful print from you last christmas. I wondered if this shop was still open and the proceeds were still going to

I would love to get some more prints if so.