Sunday, December 6

Pulse Oximeter needed

*** Update: Literally, Lori found two machines in the lab today. Man God is good! Now we are working on using the funds to fill another great need. Stay tuned!!!***

The response to the needs listed for my December trip to Haiti have been incredible! Not only are we going to be able to go way over 50 lbs stuff our bags, but we are going to be able to purchase a continuous pulse oximeter for the clinic and rescue center!!! I am so excited about this, as I saw a HUGE need for this in my time there this summer. For those non-medical people, a pulse oximeter is a machine that measures the amount of oxygen (which we have to have to live) carried by your red blood cells. It is a diagnostic tool, and now that there is an oxygen concentrator (administers oxygen) we need a way to measure the amount of oxygen in the body. It is an easy way to know how sick someone is or if they are getting better, such as in asthmatic crisis or someone who is malnourished and protein deficient with not enough red blood cells to carry the oxygen.

Remember Malorie? Read her story here.

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Of all the children that died in the time that I was there, Malorie was one of the hardest for me to lose. Mostly, because we could never find out what was wrong with her. This machine might have helped us save her life.

Every single ER, clinic, even school nurses's office in the States has one of these machines and it is time that we have on in Haiti. It is such a blessing to be part of this and know that each of you who has contributed are part of it too!

So do any of you know someone who sells medical equipment? We have the funds to purchase the machine, I am just wanting to do some further research and would love to buy from someone you know! So please leave a comment or email me at if you have ANY connections to someone in the world of selling medical equipment.

Thanks for being a part of this.

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