Thursday, July 30

How about a Miracle?

***Update: I just want to be clear about one thing. I don't believe that God NEEDS to perform miracles in order for us to believe that He exists. That's not faith. Hebrews 11:1 says "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of that which we cannot see." I just believe in a God that is so capable of performing miracles, and sometimes we get to be witness to that. Ok, just clarification :)

Original Post:

"Later, a few religion scholars and Pharisees got on him. "Teacher, we want to see your credentials. Give us some hard evidence that God is in this. How about a miracle?"
Matt 12:38

A lot of people are skeptical of God. It is hard to believe in something you cannot see. For thousands of years, people have argued against him because there is no proof. We are still doing it today, asking God to show us that He is in this with us...

Five-month-old Malorie was brought to us yesterday afternoon when her family noticed she didn't look good. Okay, not looking good is an understatement. Her abdomen was swollen, she had no blood in her eyes or nailbeds, she was breathing about 130 times a minute, her lips were grey, and her pupils were pinpoint. She did not appear to be dehydrated so the first thought was that she was bleeding somewhere in her abdomen, but as we listened and felt around, there was no fluid. She stops breathing. We shake her and she still won't breathe. Pray hard. Give her a "gentle" rub on the sternum and she catches her breath again, only to go back to breathing insanely fast and only when you are sitting her up holding her airway open. Ok so think fast, what is happening here? We ask the family what happened and they said that earlier in the morning she "did not have any spit so we gave her a tea to make her have spit in her mouth." Ok, what was in the tea? Mentions of raisins, some kind of boiled plant and possibly alcohol, but no one will really say. Hmmm...Ok so we are thinking franticly. Licia is holding her neck up and reminding her how to breathe every 30 secs or so. Allergic reaction? Is her airway closing? Can/should we give epi to this 5 month old? Heart rate is already in the 140s. Stick a finger down her throat and meet no resistance, but her tongue is pushed up to the top of her mouth. Hmm.. Pupils still pinpoint and non-reactive (indicates severe brain damage). Lips turning blue. Breath baby, breathe. Color is coming back. She has no muscle tone and does not react to any stimuli. Can we get out what is in her stomach? We tube her but nothing comes out besides a little mucous. Doesn't even gag. Lips turning blue. Breath baby, breathe. Pray hard for wisdom. Would she even survive the hour and half ride to town? Is there anything they can even do?

So we hold her and we pray. We trade off for the next 4 hours holding her neck up and seeing if we can get her to come back. Little by little she pinks up and breathes a little slower. Some of her reflexes started coming back and by 8:00 last night she was taking a bottle and fell asleep in my arms.

How about a Miracle?

She still doesn't look great but we'll pray for continued healing. If she lives or dies, it was still a miracle. We have no idea how long she went without oxygen and how much of the brain damage is reversible. Children often recover better than adults from anoxic injuries so we have hope. Will you pray with us for Malorie?


cindi said...

Praying for God's little Malorie. mom

Joseph said...

Clara, I am so sorry but the brain damage possibility reminds me that God knows best.
I hope you are okay-what an incredible experience you are having.