Wednesday, June 17


I am leaving tomorrow for a week long family vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I cannot wait to share all the pictures and tales of the trip (because with my family, there WILL be some tales) Unfortunately, my brother will not be with us because he is leading a cabin of high school guys at Young Life's Frontier Ranch this week. I don't think he is too sad though, because when he gets back, he'll hopefully get to catch LSU and Texas playing in the College World Series. The kid loves sports more than the beach. I however, will be yelling Hook 'em Horns from my lounge chair with a book in one hand and a yummy tropical drink in the other :)

In other news, I was a guest blogger on the Austin Stone Community Church's Make Disciples Blog. You can click here to read what I shared about my experience in Haiti and why I am going back.

Catch you on the flipside, I'll be the one with the glowing tan.