Thursday, August 20

Some old and some new: Part 2

Recognize this arm? .

He got external pins! Doesn't it look like something from the early 1900's?

I have been meaning to tell you that Blanco's sister is staying here at the Rescue Center. She was burned in the same fire that killed him. Her leg is healing pretty well.

This guy was cut across the face with a machete last weekend. He went to a hospital in town where they sewed him up. They told him to come here to have his dressing changed. Oh, and they forgot to tell him that he lost his right eye. It was so swollen the first few days, we couldn't tell whether or not it was there. Yesterday we opened it up to wipe some drainage out and sure enough, no eyeball.

He said "I have an appointment to go back to the hospital so they can clean my eye."

"Um, that's not what they are going to do, you don't have an eye anymore."

"Yes I do, it's just so swollen that I can't see"

"I am holding your eye open and covering your left eye, can you see anything?" No eyeball.

Talk about an awkward conversation. And I don't even understand the language.

This stuff is just too good not to share.