Thursday, July 23

Heavy Heart

My heart has been heavy all day. All of our hearts have. A baby named Blanco was brought to us with a severe burn. His mother and a friend walked 5-6 hours after their house burned down in the wee hours this morning to see if we could help. There were no adults in the house, only children and when the thatch roof caught fire, the kids ran out but the baby was left inside. The debris from the roof was falling on him. Everything in the house was lost. They are so poor and have no money that they brought down a sack of beans, hoping to sell them so they could do something for the baby. I could hardly keep from sobbing in front of them.

He was already cold by the time they got here. After seeing the severity of the burn, we had to send them to town. We tried to hydrate the baby and sent them with extra water, and clothes to stay overnight. The second hospital they went to accepted him and said they would keep him for a while. Really not sure if he will make it, the burn is so bad and is in such a dangerous place around the neck. You can see in the pictures that they really dark places are completely fried and are essentially burned fat. It feels like rubber and would never heal on it's own without a skin graft.

Please pray with us for Blanco.

Jesus, heal this sweet baby.


Joseph said...

Oh Baby, praying right now. I am so sad. mom

spgraney said...

Praying, praying, praying!

DeDe said...

Oh, Caro, I am praying for Blanco, and for you, too! How blessed you are that He uses you to minister to Blanco and his family!

Lisa said...

caroline ... i just found your blog through a friend's blog.

while looking through your pictures, i see that we have a very weird coincidence. ready for it?

in a post quite a ways back in your blog (from your 1st trip to haiti), there is a group photo. the man in the picture is mark howerton and he is holding his son jafta. mark's brother mike is the pastor of my church in seattle. cRaZy!

anyway, i too have a hUgE heart for africa. i was blessed to go to South Africa with my church in december and my heart aches to go back.

i want you to know that i pray for you, the work you're going, the clinic, and each person who's life you change on a daily basis.

much love to you in your journey.

love, lisa