Monday, July 27

Peanut Butter That is Changing the World

And I'm not talking about your Mamma's favorite, Jif. I am talking about Medika Mamba. Watch this video.

RHFH was hooked up with Medika Mamba and we are feeding it to the malnourished children in the Rescue Center. And can I tell you something? It works! No wait...I'll just show you

This is Giliane. Click here and read her whole story first.

This is her the first week she was back here. She doesn't look that malnourished right? That is because she is so bad that she has Kwashiorkor and is swollen essentially from TOTAL ORGAN FAILURE. Do you get how bad that is? She was put on the peanut butter.

Here she is week 2. The swelling has gone down as her body is trying to reverse the damage. This part is very dangerous and many kids die from dehydration

This was last week, week 3 on the peanut butter. PRAISE JESUS!

This little girl has totally captured my heart. She is on the road to
recovery but still has a way to go. I held her for a long time last night and prayed for her. I sang songs to her and rocked her and told her how much Jesus loves her. I have the worst voice in the world but I didn't care. I want her to live so bad it hurts.

Every night one of us measures out the right amount of peanut butter (based on height and weight) and the kids eat it throughout the day.

If you are moved by what is happening here and want to help, here is how you can. First, you can pray. Pray like crazy for the starving kids of Haiti. Secondly, you can give. Tara Livesay (whose blog you should totally read) is running a marathon and raising money for Medika Mamba. Look on the top left corner of her blog and read her story and if you are able to donate, please consider it. Children are living because of this stuff.

This baby died in the middle of the night last night. He was only 6 months old and had Kwashiorkor. It was too late. I just want to scream and cry at the same time.

It's not too late for them. All four of these kiddos are on the peanut butter and are gaining little by little each week.

Will you help us change the world?


Joseph said...

Thanks for the info, we made a contribution! mom & dad

Dawn Spikes said...

Caroline, I ran into your mom today and she hooked me up with your blog. I am sitting here in tears! What an amazing heart you have for these precious children. I will be praying for you and for them. They are blessed to have you there. I pray that my children will grow to have a heart for missions and for the underpriveliged as you do. May God bless you!
Dawn Spikes

Lisa said...

Keep on doing what God has called you to do.You are an amazing woman at such a young age and I am amazed that you are there and not wrapped up in "our world" like most girls your age.I am now like you,I love Haiti and have been there on medical missions and can't wait to go back in december.That trip changed my life and brought me closer to God.I so admire your love for God and so wish that I had that love for him when I was younger.You are seeing so much right now and your heart is gonna hurt like crazy and you will questions things but remember that God is good and he loves everyone of us the same,hang in there....praying for you ...