Tuesday, July 28

Heavier Heart

Blanco died at 4:30 this morning. We got word yesterday that he had a fever and was on an IV. His death certificate said he died of Cardiac/Resp Arrest. His body was brought back here and when we saw his wounds, it looked like the swelling around his mouth and neck was probably the cause. We'll never really know.

Lori bathed him and dressed him up and wrapped him in this sweet baby blanket. I held his precious hand and thanked Jesus that he was no longer in pain.

Pray for his Mom who spent the last 5 days with him at the hospital and went home without her son today.


Brenda said...

Haiti is so hard.
Thank you for putting a picture of Sonel(in the back of the truck) on your blog! I was thrilled to see a picture of him. Could you please email me and let me know how he's doing, if you have time? I miss him so much. I bought him a new soccer ball, you can tell him it's pink and glowing. They didn't have a blue one. I love your blog. I'm a blog a holic. All the blogs I read have something to do with Haiti.
Tell Sonel we love him and miss him.
Thanks, Brenda

Roberta said...

SO sad. :( I'm trying to prepare my heart for experiences like these when we go in the fall, but I know there is no way. Praying for you guys and your hearts, as I know they are breaking. And also for Blanco's mom.