Monday, December 28

love and kisses from Haiti!

I made it here this evening after a fairly easy and uneventful day of traveling. Mr. Zach picked me up and we had a great time catching up on the drive over. When we pulled in the driveway Trey, Henley and Amos were waving and yelling my name, I just wanted to cry! We unpacked the bags and I have made myself comfortable in my usual spot in the office with Lori and Licia. I am so glad to be back with my friends :)

Amos wanted to send lots of love to his Mama and Papa and brothers and sister!!!! (Jamie, he came in and found me at the computer and pointed to the camera because he remembers taking pictures before, such a smart boy!)

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Love y'all!!!! Stay tuned for all the exciting things going on here!


Joseph said...

glad you made it.

let's skype tomorrow

We ate gumbo and were so happy you had already blogged. I heard how God was working at IAH early this morning!

Love-Dad, CS, DS, Grammie and Susan (Mike and Lou are chatting in the kitchen.)

dreamingBIGdreams said...

you made my night.
please tell him how much his momma and papa love him adn miss him!