Tuesday, July 19

Marilice and some other news

Marilice is the third of the critical kids up in the house. She had a horrible night last night and Anna had to bring her down and put her on oxygen in the middle of the night. She was super dehydrated when we took her, and we weren't really sure what was going on, but after a couple days on IV fluids, she didn't improve and began with fevers > 104 and a floppy neck, so we are treating her for meningitis as well as the respiratory stuff just to cover all our bases. I was in the dressing room with her all day today and her breathing really improved, but we are still having trouble keeping her fevers down. She cries most of the time begging for water, but in order to keep all her fluids down we aren't able to let her drink by herself and just syringe a few ccs of fluid at a time. She also has a nasty mouth infection. She is a sweet little girl, with tons of fight but has a long way to go. Please pray specifically for her fevers to stay down and any infections to clear up quickly. I just love her a lot.

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She looks like Aunt Jemima with her cold cloth tied on her head :)

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And in other news...

- Cholera is out of control. 118 patients this morning. 2 nurses. 65 IV bags to keep dripping at all times. 118 buckets (well actually double, one for vomit and one for the other) of stuff to clean up.

- Yanick, the non-nurse who can start IVs than any other person I know, usually works the dressing room doing wound care and injections on clinic days but she was needed up at the cholera house so I manned the dressing room all day.

-This little boy came in today after what appears to be his foot getting caught in a motorcycle. The bleeding was pretty bad so we put a tourniquet on to stop it until he could have it sewn up. His heel was in really bad shape so we gave him some pain meds and sent him into Doctors Without Borders because he'll probably need a skin graft.

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- Henley and Trey ran around all night having water fights with 20 cc syringes. I got caught in the warfare many times.

- Don't get syhpilis or you will have to get 4 giant penicillin injections at a time in your bum for 5 weeks.

- A team from the Austin Stone is coming for the day tomorrow and we are going to put the to work. It's pretty cool for me to think about God using my trip with the Stone 3 years ago to move my heart for Haiti.

Off to rest up for another big day.

Goodnight friends


Roberta said...

ok- this sweet girl is totally breaking my heart tonight. :( Many prayers for her!!! So glad you are blogging again and keeping all of us who's hearts are there in touch with what's going on. Keep on rockin' it and many prayers for strength and energy for you and everyone!