Monday, July 18


Gachny is the second of the 5 kids staying up at our house and he is freaking adorable (an ET look a like kind of cute). He has been here a little while and I can't tell you what is wrong with him other than he just looks bad. Anna picked him out in the RC and I agreed that he has that look of a kid that is going to die. He is really puny and won't eat anything. We've had him on IV fluids with some dextrose and he'll drink milk really well but he has bad diarrhea and won't eat any solid food. I had a nightmare last night that I woke up and Anna told me he had died. I was thrilled to see him doing okay this morning, but by no means do I think he is over the hump.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We got another curve ball thrown at us today when Erline's poop (I know, but get over it) all of a sudden looked like cholera. We tested her and sure enough it was positive. This is not good for so many reasons. One being that she is fighting so hard against the Kwashiorkor that she has no reserves. The other is that she has been up in our room for 2 days with us and 5 other critical kids and we were all exposed. We sent her up to the cholera house tonight and did a massive bleaching of everything. We went ahead and treated all of the other kids with antibiotics and will ask you to pray pray pray that the cholera stays away from this house. We also brought up another little girl with severe kwash so that keeps us at 5 critical kids. Tomorrow is a clinic day and you can pray specifically that there are no bad kids that we have to take as the Rescue Center is at capacity

God is good and His mercies are new every morning and a lot of days I just long for the morning.


Roberta said...

Oh wow. He and Erline are so cute. Praying for all of you as you are fighting for so many lives in the RC and the Cholera house! I'm sure they are beyond happy you are there!

DeDe said...

I love you so much and begging our Mighty God for your, and everyone's, protection from cholera! Thanks for loving on the sick ... Just don't become one of them! :)