Thursday, July 21

Dressing Room Drama

I worked the dressing room today with some help of a couple other volunteers and it was oh. so. crazy. I didn't have time to take most of the pictures but here are a few...

I can officially check gun shot wound off my list of things I have yet to see in Haiti. This young gangsta lookin lad walked in sat down on the bench and said he was just standing around and got shot in the leg (just above the knee) and never saw a person. There was blood all over his pants but no entry hole from a bullet. I have seen one too many episodes of SVU/ER/Grey's to believe this story. He was not concerned at all about who shot him and wanted to take home the bullet as a prize. Again, not buying his non-story. But glad I got to see Lori take this thing out, pretty darn cool :)

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Then everyone decided to have an asthma attack, I seriously can't count how many breathing treatments I did today.

Then everyone decided to get breast abscesses. Sooo many today. We saw a double breast abscess on the sweetest little teenage girl who has had them since the pregnancy. Her baby is 1 month old and she has been unable to breastfeed. She sobbed to us telling us that she had no money to come down here from the mountains and I can't obviously show or explain to you how bad this was, but I can just say I might have self inflicted death before going a day with the kind of pain she was in. No way to measure the amount of drainage that came from one breast. She is staying here tonight so we can keep her on antibiotics and lance the other side tomorrow. Please pray for her pain and for her heart.

Then everyone decided to get cut.

This one is a guy who tried to break up a fight and got a rock thrown at his head. The cut was pretty bad and Lori had to do several internal stitches. His eye was super swollen and after sleeping it off for a few hours, he was acting all crazy so i'm praying for no head injury. He is going to be in so much pain for the next few days.

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Machete cut on the hand.

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For those of you who know no-lips guy, I have seen him twice this trip. Once, he brought a man to the cholera house and today he passed in the clinic today with a massive underarm abscess.

Lots of burns. More abscesses. Dog bites. C- Section incisions. And more antibiotic injections in rear ends than I would like to count.

Just as I was cleaning up the room and closing up for the day, a pregnant lady came in who was in a moto accident and just to spare Lori 10 extra minutes I sewed the gash on her head.

I'm officially starting a helmet safety campaign, right after we solve the food, water and infectious disease crisis.


Debbie Woodward said...

OOOHHH what a blessing to have you there! Keep up the God work!

Love to both you and Anna!