Monday, February 15

We could Sew use your help

Ok lame, I know. But I posted here on Licia's blog about how those of you who can sew can help us out! Head on over to read about it.

Dorchelle is doing better today and has been so much happier. Minus the time I gave her liquid vitamins and she threw up everything she ate today. In my lap. But the few smiles were worth it!

Tomorrow the Air Force team will be back which will be great because at 4:30 today, there were at least 100 people in line for clinic tomorrow morning. They will sleep outside tonight and it just started raining. Pray for those who will be seen tomorrow. That each be healed and loved in the name of Jesus.


robyncalgary said...

thank you for the frequent updates on dorchelle, from the first picture i saw i fell in love with her and hope to continue hearing updates on her from the others who will be caring for her <3