Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today is my favorite holiday. And not once, have I ever had a date. (don't feel sorry for me, just making a point) I am not a romantic and I am not super girly. But, I love the entire month and a half after Christmas because there is pink and red crap everywhere you go. There are fun decorations and yummy treats. There are sweet cards and cheesy cards. There is fantastic music. And mail, oh how I love snail mail.

It has been one bizarre month and half since Christmas. I left for Haiti Dec 28th and returned on Jan 10th. My roomies, who share the same Valentine's spirit, already had our apartment decorated! The Earthquake hit just two days later on Jan 12th and it has consumed my life since. I never thought I would be back here now. I have really missed making homemade valentine's, baking with Christina and Allyson and watching the snow fall. Ok that's a lie about the snow. But this 2010 has not gone the way I planned. I had big plans this year, and these were not them. And I am so thankful. I am so thankful that God made the last year of my life go the way He did. In looking back, everything happened so I could be here right now.

The love I feel today is different but good. As I type this, sweet Dorchelle is sprawled out across my lap asleep. She lost her mom, and I can't love her like her mom, but I can hug and kiss her and feed her when she spits it right back out at me. I can pray for her and tell her that Jesus has big plans for her life. I can love Lori and Licia and Anna, who the more and more time I spend around, I learn what it truly means to serve. I can love my family and friends via facebook and twitter :) And I can do all of this because I was loved first, by the greatest Lover that ever lived. He pursued me when I was sick, and poor and dirty and He loves me most. And unlike human love, it never fails. Ever.

My BFFL Christina snuck this Valentine in my bag and today I got to open it. Here are my two perfect Valentines!

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Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!! I hope you know how loved you are today.


DeDe said...

Great post, Caroliney! And you are right, you really have always loved Valentine's Day ... I wonder if you would still love it if you got to work in a middle school and see what hormones combined with sugar can do. For all one thousand of them. I did get to witness a "kiss her, kiss her" chant at the Valentine's Day dance. Good times. I love you, and I love that you are showing our God's great big love for the people of Haiti. Have somebody give you a great, big hug from me!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect end to my Valentines day. This picture blessed my heart! Thank you for passing on the love that was given to you by our Lord. I am praying for this sweet little girl. This may sound silly but I "layed hands" on my computer screen last night as I prayed for this little one. I have a daughter her age and I know if anything happened to me I would want someone to give her the care and affection that you are giving to her. God bless you and sweet Dorchelle. Please keep us posted on her health. :)


Anonymous said...

Well said. I am definitely building you a house.