Friday, January 22

It's all over

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There are no words to describe what it has been like to watch God work miracles in the midst of this tragedy. This child, this precious son of Aaron and Jamie is on a plane to Orlando as we speak. They will sweep him up in their arms tonight, and tell him once and for all that he is home. He will never not be home again.

It has been a joy to walk with this family over the last year through life, and share our love for Haiti. I have loved Amos and Story so much, but it is nothing compared to how madly in love Aaron and Jamie are with them. And it has not been easy. To love their children from afar for more than two years has been excruciatingly painful at times. Yet God has sustained them.

And tonight, it's all over.


DeDe said...

No words.

Anonymous said...

I have remained glued to this trajedy, looking for new rescues everyday, only to find that now, it is highly unlikely that there be any alive.... but the stories.... I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!
Oh how he does love us... may many all children be placed asap, plus the newly orphaned from the earthquake, be provided for by loving families all over the world!

May the Lord Bless them and Keep them (along with all rescuers, and Help in general from all over the world) May His face shine upon them and give them peace.

THis is so cool Caroline... I love it!

debra said...

so, so awesome!

cindi said...

My heart is soaring!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!