Monday, January 18

Surreal. But real.

I had the most surreal conversation with my friend Lori via facebook chat tonight. She is one of two of the most amazing sisters I know. Today she spent the day in PAP with the group at Heartline working in a clinic. In the year that I have known her, I have loved working with her and hearing her incredible stories of things she has seen and done over her time in Haiti. It seems like I have heard it all. Until today. Here are (edited) snippets of our conversation as she describes the patients she saw today.


Lori "one boy - bones femur, other leg rotting, huge lacertaion to ear/face, other cuts

R O T T I N G L E G!!!!!

totally dead, black tissue and the fam won't agree to amputate

104 temp, going to die,

mom and 4 sibs dead

calling for mom as I'm suturing him up

Lori: another baby found and brought in my a good samaritain, can't care 4 kids, wife preg, can't take on responsible of another, what to do??

Lori: another guy arm ripping off at elbow, had turniquet on for too long and needs further amp, totally bleeding to death, not enough docs, no materials to amp.

some of these are from the drive way clinic

Lori: another lady muscle in arm ripping off when they pulled her out, broke 2 finger, open bone, I fixed and sutures, 3 sisters not to be found

it goes on and on

Lori: had a lady drink battery acid aroun 4 AM to kill herself

too many problems,

tried to NG and pull it out

lavage type of thing

she started puking blood and I told them to go to hospitla

gave Charcoal pills but dont thingk that would help

continued vomitng

put out by gate to get truck to rent

crowd gathered, talking, crying, freadkingout

I wanted her inside becaseu it was upseting her to hear all this and upsetting them to see her puking

put back inside gate

I put her back in

it wasn't bright red grosss amt of blood

darker, 3 x vomit, total of 500cc maybe

they gave her milk and something to vomit

i dind't hear how she is

me: did she still want to die at that point?

Lori : yes

we prayed for her and with her

it's all i could do

God has made this woman for this. She said "I am tired, but I am not stressed." How blessed are the many Haitians whose lives have been changed by her hands. Pray for continued endurance for she and Licia. They continue to face what seems like unbearable things with each new day, but yet they hope. Continue to cover them with your prayers, and read their blogs to hear about specific needs as they come up.

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this is Licia hiking a mountain, while chatting on the cell phone. No big deal.

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I love you two dearly and thank you for teaching me what true sacrifice is.


katehopeeden said...

They are truly amazing women!!