Wednesday, March 4

The Beach is Back!

March 1 is a glorious day. It is glorious because it is the day that Sno Beach opens for the season. Sno Beach is hands down the best snow cone stand I have ever been to. It is a local favorite, and if you have never been, remind me to take you!

Today was a gorgeous 75 degree day in Austin, Texas so I did two of my favorite things: walked Town Lake and went to Sno Beach with Christina. I got my usual strawberry daquiri/banana and she got her usual strawberry/wedding cake with cream. In the words of Christina "there are just some things worth waiting for."

It was really windy, but here we are enjoying our treats :)


Priscilla Grace said...

i wish everytime i went to sno beach you two were there.

Christina said...

This is a good angle for us! We need to remember this for future photo opportunities!