Wednesday, March 4

Your Kingdom Come

I went to First Tuesday tonight for the first time, and it was phenomenal. First Tuesday is a prayer and worship service held at the beginning of each month by my church, ASCC. God is seriously doing great things in the body, and in the city of Austin. I am so grateful to be a part of it. If I leave Austin, church is going to be a HUGE adjustment for me.

Tonight we sang Let Your Kingdom come. I love these lyrics...

Your Kingdom here and now
to the least of these
distribute what we have
that all may taste and see

Let Your Kingdom come
Let Your will be done
and all the earth will say
and echo angels' praise
that You are God

I want give away all that God has given me so that all may taste and see the hope I know in Jesus. One day, all the earth will sing His praises along with the angels. God gave me a tiny, sweet glimpse of that tonight...


Priscilla Grace said...

i love you, huggles.

NATE said...

finally. anyways, im praying for you! thats so exciting! caro you are oneof the best people on earth! and i read your blog like every time just saying. i'll be in austin for the cap 10k, will you still be gone?! OKAY BYE!