Sunday, February 8


A common phrase that is often thrown around at the point when two people have been spending a considerable amount of time together (or just texting) and on at least one end of the relationship, there are feelings. It can get sort of messy defining exactly what the relationship is. So have no fear my friends, Hallmark has done all the labeling for you.

I was shopping for Valentine's, and came across these. So when you aren't sure what to tell people (or yourself), just make a sweep down the card aisle and maybe you'll find your relationship.

I also got this fun present from my best married friends The Fontenots. It is going to be really hard to wait a whole week to open it, but if I don't Caro told me that Cupid will arrow my eyes out. Ouch.

This weekend has been really restful, and as I am sitting at my desk looking at the calendar of the next few weeks, I am going to need it. I shopped yesterday afternoon and thought about making some plans to see a movie, but as I sat down with my pizza, spinach salad and a glass of wine, the Notebook had just started on Oxygen. Needless to say, those were my plans. This week shouldn't be too bad, and my parents will be here next weekend so I am planning to stay with them at the Lake. Happy Sunday!