Monday, February 9

Drew, Dave and then some...

Last night I spontaneously decided to go to the Drew Holcomb and Dave Barnes concert at Stubbs. I really wanted to go and couldn't drag anyone with me, so I went by myself knowing that I would find someone I know there. It was really fun and I got to meet Ellie (Drew's precious wife that sings with him) and told her that I am friends with The Fontenots, I felt really cool. Here are some not great, but you get the picture, pictures I took on my phone. If you don't know them you should!

I also found out this morning that I got an interview for the job I applied for! Really excited, and it's next Friday so I already bought my plane tickets and I'm just going to make a really fun weekend of it with my parents! I'd love your prayers.

Tomorrow I am taking care of 3 patients, a little nervous but it should be fine. I just took 2 benadryl, so I'm going to crawl in bed, spend some time with Beth and Jesus and I should be in a coma in appx. 35-45 minutes. I love that alarm clock at 4:45 :)

Love y'all!