Saturday, January 31

Lovin' the Love

A little known, and probably surprising fact about me is that I LOVE Valentine's Day. I always have. It can partially be attributed to the fact that giving gifts is one of my main love languages. I love to send mail, especially a Valentine. Some people say Valentine's is lame because there shouldn't just be one day out of the year to tell people you love them. Agreed. But for a month and a half after Christmas everywhere you look you see pink, heart shaped goodies, funny cards and yummy treats. So I'll take another day out of the year to go over and beyond to tell the people in my life that I love them. Not to mention, indulge in Amy's chocolate covered strawberries, and Chapel of Love on my fingers and toes.

I have been collecting my Valentine's since early January, and absolutely feel the need to make a sweep down the card aisle at every grocery store, Target and pharmacy. Yesterday, I was at HEB and bought some heart shaped cookie cut-outs and got inspired to open up a Bake shop in my house this afternoon (much to my roommates pleasure!). Here is some Valentine's eye candy...

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?