Sunday, February 1

Not quite royalty...

Me: "So we are not quite the Pastry Queens"
Christina: "More like Pastry Duchesses"
Me: "I actually feel like a Pastry Peasant"

After several trips to the grocery store and the neighbors, 6 hours of baking and a smoking hand mixer, we were covered in powdered sugar and exhausted. But this is what we had to show...

We used the Pastry Queen's, owner of Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredricksburg, Texas, recipes for Red Velvet cupcakes and iced sugar cookies. Some of them may not have been as pretty but they were absolutely delicious and we ended up taking them to a super bowl party tonight and received many compliments. I want to love baking but I'm not great at it, and it usually ends up being a chore. I am realizing if you do it enough, and have all the right equipment it probably isn't so hard. One of these days, I hope to be a Pastry Queen.

In other news, we had another gorgeous day in Austin. The weather has been phenomenal, and you better believe that in Texas it is completely acceptable to wear a bathing suit and flip flops in February. More and more I am realizing how much I am going to miss living in this city.