Friday, July 29

Friday, Friday

I wish you could just be here. I wish I could remember everything that happened so I could tell you.

Marilice had a really good night last night. All of the below things we prayed for came to fruition and the fight goes on. Her bum is really really raw and so she is in a lot of pain from that. At one point today, one of the ladies yelled for us to go into the dressing room and there was a pool of blood under her diaper with a few clots and I was terrified for half a second until I realized that she had just scratched her bottom until it bled. Her vitals are stable so please continue to pray for those things, as well as for her pain level to go down.

Lori and I finished up the Healthcare worker training yesterday with some role playing. We were the cholera patients, it was hilarious...

My baby just died and they were breaking the news.

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Another time I passed out...

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And then Lori passed out.

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They will be starting the 12 oral rehydration posts all around in the next few weeks. Hoping to see big changes in the communities with this program.

This baby passed through the clinic this week with a very very rare genetic disorder called epidermolysis bullosa. Their skin is so fragile and peels off any place something or someone touches it. This is the second family that Lori has seen in Haiti with this disease. The baby is not expecting to live very long. It's crazy to me that I get to see stuff here that I probably wouldn't ever in a lifetime in the States.

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Fabienne is doing really well. Look at those eyes! Can you believe the change in her face that a little protein and some TLC has made in just two days??? She is freaking cute...

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Numbers are down to 58 in the cholera house tonight, Praise God! An older man died on arrival at the house this morning. I went up to cover for one of the nurses for a couple hours today and it was amazing how much easier it is to care for 50 less patients :)

We are closely watching Marilice tonight and also have a tiny newborn that was born up the cholera a few nights ago with us. Mom is having trouble feeding and the baby got very dehydrated.

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And lastly, go check out the big news over at the RHFH blog...


DeDe said...

Oh, Caroliney, your flair for the drama was put to good use! Love it!

Praying. More often and with more passion that I could ever express.

I love you. -- DeDe

Jess said...

i LOVE the picture of Lori passed out!!! pahahaa!!

and that Betor babe is lookin GOOOOOD!!