Tuesday, July 26

just some things.

thallie died yesterday afternoon. after seizing for a day she began to bleed out everywhere and died while her mom was here visiting yesterday. she is very pregnant with another child, which is why she took thallie off the breast that led to her kwashiorkor. it was heartbreaking to see a a caring mother grieve for a child. life here is so messy.

another baby was born at the cholera house last night. apparently, the stress of cholera brings on labor.

a child died this morning in the cholera house.

marilice is up and down, up and down. we can't seem to get her temperature controlled, her hydration stable, or her oxygen sats up all at the same time. i'm just totally in love with her and i'm more attached than i ever let myself get to a critical kid. you can pray for wisdom for us in her treatment. thinking about possible TB at this point...

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meet Fabienne. she makes 79 in the Rescue Center (we just took #80 a few mins ago). she is so freaking cute and had us all wrapped around her finger at first sight. her kwashiorkor is so so bad and she has a veerrry long road ahead if she is going to recover. you can see the massive swelling in her eyes and hands and the splitting open of her feet. she is crying in miserable pain but wants to be held all of the time. please pray specifically for the next week as they are very critical for her.

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We got some TOMS shoes donated and gave them out to some kids today. I found it interesting that the shoes they give out are not the same that you can purchase, maybe the rubber sole is better?

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Some of the other 79 faces of the RC.

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and in other news, Trey lost a tooth.

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and Ameyah is the cutest kid alive.

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as I went to post this, we got a call from the nurses changing shifts at the cholera house that they were running down with a kid that was dying. we all jumped up and ran through the yard and next door to take Marilice off the oxygen for this kid and as Licia was running up the stairs the child died. she was the daughter of one of the ladies who washes the laundry at the cholera house. lori is in preparing her body now and she will lay her sweet little life in a white body bag much too big for her. i can literally hear her parents wailing from the room next door.

4 of this little girl's siblings are up at the house sick with cholera. there are 109 other patients up at the house right now. cholera is wreaking havoc on the lives in this community and it needs to stop. Jesus, come.


Jess said...

wish I were there...thank you for all your updates.

Love you all so so much...you are on my heart and in my prayers so often.

Cindi said...

I know your heart feels like it can break. Hold on tight to Our Faithful God. We pray often for each of you. Love you.

Tena said...

Thank you so much for your posts. I know your heart breaks, but know that you are making a difference. I ache for you all.

Lindsay said...

Precious children. Praying now for you and all the patients.

robin said...

Praying for you and Erin. God is using you for mighty things!
Blessings to you during this difficult time!
Robin Mayfield (Erin's aunt)

Deborah said...

Praying, with tears. <3

Anonymous said...

I remeber the lady who did laundry at the cholera house from when I was there last Dec.... is it the same lady now? I also remeber her daughter who stopped by everyday and dropped of lunch for her mom, and just hung out in the back somedays heling her mom. Makes we wonder if its the same girl.......