Monday, March 22

Overdue updates

First, you all have not kept me accountable to blogging more! How will I ever get better at this? But I will tell you, I am making progress on my other goals!

Running. Last week I started the Couch to 5k training program at the suggestion of a reader (thanks Leah!). I really love it because it is attainable for me as a beginner runner and I am not so overwhelmed when I think about running 13 miles. I am aiming to run 4 days a week and do yoga one. I am still struggling with the cold weather and hope as it warms up that I will be more eager to work out after work.

Emails. I am trying everyday to leave work and go to bed with an empty inbox. Occasionally I will leave one or two that can't be answered immediately but it feels so good to be organized and timely!

Photography. I have taken more pictures and as the weather warms up I plan on carrying my camera around with me all the time.

Flexibility. HOT YOGA. Um yeah. I was in serious pain for several days after my first class back but it feels so good. I feel so relaxed and re-energized after an hour and a half of cardio and stretching in a 105 degrees.

I have not made great progress on the other goals. I have been particularly bad about snail mail and going to bed early. But if I completed all my goals in one month, what would I have to work on? Baby steps, right?

I hope you are continuing to keep up with all that is happening in Haiti. Licia posted pictures of the new Rescue Center today and has been updating us on several of the kids. I loved seeing Dorchelle's progress, I will always love that little girl! I hope you'll remember to pray for those who will serve long after the media is gone, for the little babies who are still starving and for those who are only beginning to think about recovery. Go read about Mirlene here, and plead with me for God to heal her. Read about how you can meet some very basic needs by shopping online at Wal-Mart. My heart aches and it hopes for Haiti.

I am so incredibly embarrassed that I asked you all to pray for my sweet Dad and then I did not update you here. (just FYI, I update twitter multiple times a day, so you can follow me there!) Everything went very smoothly and after 2 days in the ICU he was out of the hospital the following Sunday. He has been home recovering for the last week and is gaining strength everyday! I am looking forward to seeing my family for Easter, I can't believe it has been since Christmas!

Lastly, I have been writing and praying over a post about the Healthcare crisis we are facing here in America and before I post it, I think it will be helpful if you know to about the clinic that I work for. It is called Faith Family Medical Clinic and is a non-profit primary care clinic for the working uninsured in Nashville. We see patients who are either working (or a dependent on someone who is working), receiving unemployment benefits, are a full-time student or in a rare case are receiving Social Security without Medicaid or Medicare benefits. We do not see anyone who has any type of health insurance. I love the people I work with and I love our patients, well most of them :) I hope you'll watch this video to see what I do everyday!


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