Saturday, August 15

Are you ready for some football???

Because I am!

There are many reasons I am dreading leaving this place I have come to love in a little over a week, but one thing I am seriously looking forward to is...COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!

And this guy has the already picked this year's National Champs....

We ran into him on our hike yesterday and of course I had to stop and take a picture. TEXAS FIGHT!

Then this conversation followed with Carmelo (Licia's oldest son)...

Haitian guy: I love that white girl.
Carmelo: Oh really?
Haitian guy: Yes, I do. Does she already love someone else?
Carmelo: Yes, she has two kids.
Haitian guy: Oh, I'm outta here.

Thanks for protecting me Carmelo :)


Salzwedel Family said...

Good one!

Jingers said...

That is hilarious!!!! When are you coming home and when will you be in Nashville? love ya- Jingers

cindi said...

I was beginning to wonder about the Haitians, but know I know they are special people! Hook 'em horns!!! mom

DeDe said...

I just re-read your blog and stumbled across this story with Carmelo and the Haitian guy. For the record, I love this little white girl, too.