Thursday, July 9

Bonjour from Haiti

So it's been almost 3 days since I have been here and I totally love it!!! It's really hot and I have not stopped sweating since I arrived but growing up in Houston has somewhat prepared me for this (minus the air conditioning! I have already been able to do tons of fun nursey things, even deal with a couple head injuries and big cuts. I am learning so much and really getting a better idea of what it would look like to do this all day everyday. Lori and Licia are so awesome, they are phenomenal at their jobs and also appreciate sarcasm like I do :)

The past two days have been clinic days so we have worked from about 7-4ish and then taken a hike. I have taken some great pictures and will upload them as soon as I get a chance. The children are precious and I have gotten to spend some time hugging and loving on the Ivey's kiddos, Amos and Story. It just started raining which means the internet will probably cut out soon, but I am not complaining because it will hopefully cool down! You can read Licia's blog for more updates on what is going on around here and I will work on the pics soon.

Love you all and hope you will continue to pray for what is going on down here.


lar lar said...

So glad you were able to update the blog! And, I love reading Licia's blog. Those kids are all so precious and I'm so glad you're there to help them. You're amazing!