Thursday, May 7

¡Estoy Terminada!

For all you non-Spanish speakers, that means I AM FINISHED! I conquered Nursing School and will be walking across that stage on May 22 to close this very sweet chapter in my life. I completed my internship, which was not necessarily my most favorite Nursing experience, but it's done and that's what I am most excited about! I have thoroughly enjoyed this week of sleeping in (well at least till 8.... don't I sound like a grown up already?) watching Ellen and The View, working out, enjoying lunch with friends, taking naps, reading books and doing whatever the heck I want to. It has not hit me yet that college is over, it just feels like its summer time again. I wonder when it will all sink in...

I am currently packing my bags because I am headed out to Buena Vista, Colorado to visit my favorite married couple, the Fontenots! Stay tuned for fun pictures and tales of our crazy adventures. You should follow the both of us on Twitter and you can find out what we are doing all the time! If you don't know about/or are skeptical about Twitter, ask me and I'll convince you why you should be following me.

I feel as though I have tidbits of news to share, but I am not really sure where to start so I think I'll just ease back into posting. I am still following Idol and love my boy, Kris. He survived Rock week and I am hoping he makes it through to the finals. I like Danny too and would be okay if he won.

There is almost an answer to the "Hey Caroline, What are you doing after you graduate?" question, but I am not completely ready to share. I promise I will when it feels right! God has lead me through this the whole way, even when I have doubted that He has a plan for me. I can't wait to look back on this stage and be able to share the testimony of His faithfulness! Until then, I'll leave you with this picture of where I will be resting my little tush in just 42 days!


Anonymous said...

If I stare at that picture, I start to see myself lying in a chair.