Thursday, April 16

I have chosen my Idol

Before you get all excited and email me about the sin of idolatry, know that I am talking about my American Idol. I really don't get into reality TV, but over the Christmas Holidays I started watching this season of American Idol. Confession: I don't regret it. At all. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this show from the hilarious, awkward out takes to the emotional, tug-on-my-heartstrings Top 13 competition. After 6 intense weeks, and much deliberation I have decided to full heartedly support Kris Allen. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he loves Jesus. He has been consistently getting better each week and his story is true to the competition of American Idol: A small town guy, who probably wouldn't make it on his own. This week he had by far the best performance when he took a risk and sang "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once. Simon told him "You were absolutely brilliant" and let's be honest, Simon's opinion is the only one that really matters. You can download this on iTunes.

I have posted a lot of videos lately. Hmm...