Friday, March 1


Nadia had a good day and is eating really well. I even got a few smiles out of her after sneaking her some ice chips.

Meet Wensky. He has had a really hard life. Both of his parents are dead and he has two siblings that he has not seen in years. His mother was sick for a long time and was told her illness was not one for doctors but for a Voodoo priest. She died from HIV under their care and Wensky was living with cousins when he became sick a few months ago. He was told to go to the same place his mom did, but he did not want to so 12 year old Wensky snuck on a boat from the island of LaGonave with only $2 in his pocket and found some of his mom friends to help him. He was brought here to Real Hope for Haiti a few weeks ago where they discovered that he too is HIV positive. He weighed 36 lbs and was very near death, unable to walk. He began to eat more and get better little by little, but last week he came down with one of the worst case of shingles I have ever seen. His poor little body is so immunocompromised that he has had a horrible time with it. He is in an incredible amount of pain and has spent almost all of the last few days in bed. We have tried to keep him comfortable with medication so that his body can rest and try to heal.

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Pray for sweet Wensky that his pain level will come down. Pray that he will be well enough to go in for further testing and begin ARV treatment this next week. Pray for his appetite, and mostly pray for his little heart. In his 12 short years he has been through more than most of us will experience in a lifetime and we are praying that He will come to know how much God cares for him and how precious his life is.


DeDe said...

Wow, Wensky's face looks likes so many babies I know and love here! Praying that he will feel God's relentless love for him. Love you!

Cindi said...

Hate that he is suffering so much. Love that you are there to comfort him. Praying.