Thursday, March 7

A sack of eggs

To understand the gravity of this story you must go back and read the story of this birth that took place a year and half ago. At the time of the birth, I knew that I had no idea what I was doing. Then I went to Midwifery school and realized that I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. But God was merciful to us on that day and brought that precious life into our hands. Not a day has passed that I don't think of sweet Jesula and I love my Jesus more.

Licia surprised me this week by giving Jesula and her mom an appointment to come to clinic while I was here. Jesula was dressed in her best white dress and frilly socks for this special occasion. I can't explain the joy in seeing this precious and healthy baby today. Then mom whipped out her boob and started breastfeeding her and it was like total Midwife ecstasy. Not that I am responsible for her continuing breastfeeding for 18 months, but I'd like to think that getting her started those first two days helped. We got to spend some time together and Jesula played and laughed and walked, things I never ever thought this child would do. They passed through the clinic and then we went to snap this picture, but Jesula had fallen asleep so she doesn't look too happy. I promise there were many smiles.

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While this was such a joyous reunion, it was also one of the most humbling moments of my life. One of the times I walked past them while they were waiting today, Jesula's mom grabbed my arm. I turned to her and she reached in her bag and handed me this sack of eggs. You see, this is her incredible gesture to say thank you. To me and to Real Hope for Haiti and to God. I froze. How could I take eggs from a poor Haitian woman who lives way up in the mountains when she could feed her family for days on this precious resource? I can't even quantify what this gift would translate to in the world you and I live in. I don't think twice about getting in my SUV and driving to the store to purchase a dozen eggs at home. I couldn't help but think of the woman who poured out her expensive perfume on the head of Jesus. To those watching it seemed silly to waste it when she could have sold it and made more money, but Jesus saw her humility. I told Lori and Licia how uncomfortable I was accepting the gift, and they quickly reminded me to humble myself, for I am no better than this woman with the eggs. We both need Jesus the same.

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Lord, I pray for less of me and more of you.


Anonymous said...

Jesula is adorable. I'm so glad you got to see her. I won't think of eggs quite the same again. Love you!!

Lauren said...

such a beautiful story! God has so much to teach through every one of us, and I love that you are seeing His work through the people there.

DeDe said...

What a lesson we all need to hear and experience. Praying that many of us will be changed.

stephanie garcia said...

What a beautiful gesture and important reminder!