Tuesday, August 9


I hate Kwashiorkor. I hate malnutrition and I hate the poverty that causes it.

Macken and his Papa came to the clinic today. Macken lives with his Papa, his parents are no longer together and Mamma has moved on. He was seen back in March in the clinic and had mild Kwash in his feet so as procedure goes, his Papa was given all the education about what to feed him and how to care for him. He was told to feed him foods high in protein, eggs, beans, peanut butter etc. He went home and he did what the nurse asked and Macken got better for a little while. In the last few weeks his Kwash got really bad and Papa tried some herbal medicines and then took him to see the voodoo doctor. The doctor gave him no answers so he carried Macken down from the mountains to his Mama, who declared that she didn't care what happened to Macken, she is now pregnant with another man's baby and doesn't want anything to do with him. Papa told us he brought him to Real Hope for Haiti today to "see what God could do."

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Macken is adorable and my heart aches for all of the pain he is going through. His arms and legs are so incredibly swollen and have open sores in many places. He was totally distraught when his Papa left today and kept walking around the clinic looking for him. I had to stop letting him walk in real fear that his feet were going to bust open.

Please, please pray with me tonight for little Macken. Pray for his little organs to recover from this severe disease. Please pray for his little heart, that he would know how much his Papa and all of us who are caring for him love him. Pray for his Papa, that his heart would be moved to know God more through this. And I'm going to pray to our big God who can do big things that his Mama would have a heart change.


spgraney said...

Heartbreaking! Yes, we will be on our knees for this precious child and his parents.

"Be anxious for nothing . . ."

Sonia Graney

DeDe said...

I loved him before I was done reading! I am praying that the God who SPOKE the universe into existence will heal Macken and that the same God, who died on a cross for Macken's momma and daddy, will speak loudly through Macken's healing.

I'm on it. Love you so much!

JoRene Hughes said...

Oh,that precious little boy. How could that mother not care?I will pray thatGod will hear all our prayers and take care of Macken. Will his Dad return for him? May GOD help the daddy to provide better care for Macken and let Macken know so many people love him. Grammie

Cindi said...

On it, Sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Caro...you inspire me! I just finished reading your blogposts from your time in Haiti. I am speechless and stand in awe in how the Lord is using you. You truly amaze me!! I loved seeing your sweet face in some of your pics. You are radiant and the Joy of the Lord is evident in your life...I'll be praying for you and your ministry to those precious people. I love you...
Hugs from Austin!