Saturday, August 13

critical kids, critical prayers.

WARNING: I don't have password protection capability on this blog, so I am telling you right now if you don't want to see a severe burn, please stop reading, move your mouse to the X box in the corner of this page and resume your normal web surfing activities....

Last week Licia and I were talking about how God has been so good to us because things have generally calmed down since Lori and all of the other volunteers left. We have had fewer patients and more help in the cholera house and virtually no critical kids. It was a blessing to have so many extra hands when we had lots and lots of sick kids a few weeks ago. Now don't get me wrong, God is still just as good to us as He was last week but we now have several very sick kids who require lots and lots of care. I am writing about them today to ask you to get on your knees on their behalf.

We have had several bad days with Macken, he won't eat anything and wouldn't drink anything at all so I (painstakingly) decided to put an NG tube in. He HATED it and he hated me for putting it in. I wanted to try and get some calories in and get his Kwash down and not let his sugar drop. Instead, he puked violently and could not get used to having the tube in. He got super dehydrated and I had to put an IV in his scalp because his limbs are so swollen from the Kwash. I took the tube out yesterday morning and he has done a little bit better, keeping down some liquids. He has also had high fevers off and on. Please pray specifically that Macken will start to eat.

He's kinda cute, huh?

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This is Rose Marie. She is a 7 month old who was in the Rescue Center and then got cholera 3 weeks ago. She recovered from the cholera and was back down in the RC, but got really sick on Thursday. We are really not sure what is going on with her except for high fevers and severe respiratory distress. She is on oxygen and is not doing well at all, I was really shocked she made it through the night last night. Please pray for that her fevers would stay down and her lungs wouldn't have to work so hard. Also, those are frozen water bottles next to her, to keep her temp down.

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Ludes was being treated at the cholera house and came down with something last weekend and is very very sick. He has had severe seizures and has basically been in a coma for the last week. His Mama and Papa have been close by his side all week. We are working with Dr. Jen on a plan for his care so will you pray for wisdom for us and pray that he would respond quickly to treatment.

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This little girl came to us on Thursday night. She lives very very far away and traveled 17 hours by foot, tap tap and moto with her mom and aunt to come see us. 6 Days before she was in her house and her older brother was playing with matches. He burned his finger on a match and threw it out of his hand. She was laying on the ground with her little sister on her stomach and the match landed on top of them. She threw her sister off and her dress caught on fire, she jumped up and tried to put it out with her hands. Her mom came running in and threw water on her but not until a large portion of her trunk had been burned. They tried to treat it with some homemade medication up in the mountains but heard about a place in Cazale that helps children who have been burned and decided to head our way. Praise God they did! This burn is very severe and is showing some signs of infection so we are getting her covered and will be glad to have Dr. Jen here next week to get us going on a long term plan for her. She is really doing fantastic considering and has the sweetest spirit. When she told us the story of what happened, she said "I saved my sister, you see she is so little she would have died. God chose me to burn and that is okay." Please pray for her recovery, pray for her pain to stay minimal and pray for no complications in her treatment.

The first night she came in.

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After her second dressing change. You can bet I wouldn't have a smile on my face.

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Amy G said...

Hi Caroline. I have been following your blog for a little while now, along with the RHFH blog. I will be praying for these kids. They all have touched my heart, but especially the girl with the burn. To have a smile like that on her face, even when she is in such pain. Bless her heart. I am praying for healing & for God to have His hand on all of them. Thank you for all you do.

Hannah Rogers said...

Praying, praying, praying. Miss you all.

Jennifer Ness said...

Poor baby