Tuesday, August 16

Carrying on.

I'm back in the States.

I HATE leaving Haiti. There is never a good time to leave and I am never ready. There are still so many needs and so much to be done. Mackens is fighting hard for his life today and I'm not there.

Thankfully, there are some who have committed their life to this. Licia will fight alongside Mackens today. The rest of the staff will continue to fight everyday for their community in the clinic, the Rescue Center, the Cholera House, the Community Group, School Sponsorhips and more. From here we can join them in prayer and spirit. We can advocate for the poor and we can give our time and our resources so they may carry on. Let's carry on.

I'll leave you with this video I was unable to upload while in Haiti. This is about an hour after Jesula was born. Such a sweet sweet memory!

Untitled from Caroline Tigner on Vimeo.

And now back to my regularly scheduled un-blogworthy life. Until the next trip, y'all....


Anonymous said...

so sweet.