Saturday, August 6

Baby Jesula

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to baby Jesula and her Momma. I selfishly wanted them to stay another week just so I could hold her longer, but it was time for them to get settled back at home with their new family. We were able to print out all the photos of the birth and after for Mom who will always have them to remember God's goodness to us on that day.They made an appointment to come back to the clinic on Sept 1 for a check-up. As they were leaving mom said, "i'll come back next week if you want to, just so you can see the baby." She could tell we were a little obsessed...

I love this picture because Jesula is screaming her head off and let me tell you a scream from a baby never sounded so sweet to my ears.

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Grandma, Mom, Baby Jesula, and Momma's sister. Beautiful, beautiful women!

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Baby Jesula,

We love you and will always stand in awe of the way God miraculously brought you into our hands. I pray you come to know your Heavenly Father and grow into your namesake telling all the world, Jesus is here.