Sunday, November 21

Sunday re-cap

I came downstairs to use the computer and write a post about today but then Lori and I had to help a lady who delivered last night and has an very yucky tear. She has a bad infection and can't urinate. We gave her some Rocephin and cleaned her up and sent her home with a catheter. She'll come back for follow up over the next few days. 

Here are the bullet points from the Cholera hospital:

- Moseline is doing FANTASTIC today! I even got a few smiles out of her. She has six sister and they have been crying for her the past few days, hoping they will come visit tomorrow!

- 5 more patients admitted needing IVs

- a few more were observed and just needed oral rehydration

- 2 of the 3 kids from the Rescue Center who are up at the cholera house are doing great, one little girl  is suffering from n/v/d on top of kwash. She has an ng tube but no IV because she is swollen from kwash fluids. She is in so much discomfort and cries most of the day. Please pray for her tonight. 

This is her when she was admitted two weeks ago with severe malnutrition.

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And just a few days ago, on the opposite end of the hydration status.

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- I got picked up by a cholera patient today. I'm blaming the delirium from dehydration. Please ask me to tell you the story next time I see you :)

Off to bed to rest up for another big day! Thankful to Jesus for health and strength.


DeDe said...

Of course you got picked up by a cholera patient ... you love Jesus, you're super cute, and you're the best person I know. I am guessing, too, that the fact that you aren't lying in your own excrement or continually vomiting makes you even more attractive. Love you!