Tuesday, November 23

Bullet points

- Moseline went home today, such an encouragement to see her happy and healthy!

- 5 more patients admitted today

- I know this is completely unrealistic, but I never want to see vomit or diarrhea ever again. Ever. 

- Fleurilis is still not better, went with last resort of IV Cipro.

- In reference to above, pushing 50 cc of IV Cipro over an hour on a toddler is so fun. 

- Diueverson went home tonight! We decided he probably just had a little pneumonia from laying in bed for so many days. He did better when he was up and moving around.

- I got to see one of the earthquake patients (the one with the baby whose arm was crushed)! They passed through the clinic today.

- My skeleton from yesterday was bad again this morning. She does not seem to understand the concept of DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE YOU WILL VOMIT. We are working on it...

- Please pray that I would get good rest to gear up for another day (or night? i'm confused) tomorrow (or today?) 

God is good, thanks for all of the encouragement!


Brad Lawrence said...

Praying for you Caroline! I am continually overwhelmed by the sadness you write about and the same glory of God to provide care for these people. You are doing such good.

Have a blessed and restful Thanksgiving. We all miss you!