Thursday, January 14

Such a time as this.

"Did the last 48 hours really happen?"

That was my first thought when I woke up this morning. The time has blurred together and I am beyond thinking straight. I can't get away from the news/twitter/facebook in hopes of hearing any good news from Haiti. But my heart continues to break with each story. And it's only a fraction of what my Haitian friends are feeling.

I am incredibly thankful for the response of my friends in family and even strangers who have offered their support, encouragement and love in this time. In the midst of trying to process all that is happening, Caroline Fontenot and I know one thing for sure and that is that we can do more. And so can you. We are the church for such a time as this.

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Read the original post about Gift Haiti here.

We updated with freshly processed photos from my recent trip to Haiti from which I returned on Sunday, 3 days before the earthquake.

Since I can't go right now, I can give, and so can you. Gift Haiti is simple. Buy a photo, and we'll give 100% of the profits to Real Hope for Haiti. We raised the prices a little bit per print just because the cost of supplies in Haiti now are continuing to go up.

My favorite thing about these photos is that a week ago I took them. These faces are sleeping in tents right now and these bellies are running out of food and formula. Just last week, the girl pictured above (Ostelinda) was running around the Rescue Center and fell and cut her head. She was running because she has won the battle against malnutrition and is now healthy. Now this precious child faces and even bigger tragedy. Who knows where her parents are, the rest of her family, and what the future holds? We can help that future. This is not just an ambiguous donation. These are the faces of the people that you'll be helping. You'll feed them. You'll clothe them. And you'll have a photo of them to remind you to pray for them.

Behind every face in these photos is a story just like hers. Let's help write them a better story.

Please email us,, if you have any questions about ordering prints. SPREAD THE WORD! Your coworkers, your family, your friends. We're the hands and feet.


debra said...

love this!!

Anonymous said...

I was at Real Hope the beginning of December for the first time. Ostlinda was so sick and so sad, I can't tell you how awesome it is to see her picture and know she is doing great! I seriously left a piece of my heart in Haiti, I totally fell in love with the people there. We are keeping them all in our hearts and prayers during this deep tradegy.
Karen Bush

Anonymous said...

I received a link to your blog from a friend who is in Bible study with your Aunt Cheryl. May the Lord continue to bless your commitment to sharing His love with others!