Friday, January 29

the Palace

This is where Anna and I are sleeping. Everyone keeps teasing us and saying that we are Bourgeois.

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It's pretty silly that just Anna and I are sleeping here, but we are hanging on to this tent in case we need it for patients. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the Palace. I mean it has two rooms, come on.

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In other news, you prayed and God brought the goods. And I mean goods. Morphine, Valium, and Ketamine. Yipppeeee!

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We did not receive any patients today due to some transfer issues from the ship. However, the day has not been boring. You can read Licia's blog for more details.

Off to mix up another bag of morphine. Buenos Noches.


Joseph said...'s the HILTON

Sonia Graney said...

Buenos noches you sweet angels! We are covering you with prayer.

DeDe said...

SO happy that the meds arrived! Love you!

Roberta said...

Yay! I was actually praying for morphine for you guys....and then kinda smiled when I thought of what I was praying for. SO glad you have it though. I couldn't imagine people having to suffer like that!

LOVE your palace! Nice. :)