Sunday, November 15

Extreme Makeover Blog Edition


Ok, so I am no Ty the Carpenter, but I am so very excited about the new look for this blog. Thanks the to the technologically talented and fabulous design eye of Caroline Fontenot, Oh Sweet Caroline got a makeover. There are still a few small changes to come, but I was just too excited not to share the new look. I love that it is so simple and fresh.

My favorite thing about the new blog is that I can post bigger photos. I took this one tonight on the way to church in East Nashville. Every week we drive over a hill and at the right spot at the top of the hill, you get the most beautiful view of downtown in the rearview mirror. I finally brought my camera to grab this shot just as the sun was setting this evening. That is the famous "Batman" building in downtown Nashville.

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In other awesome news, many of you have generously responded to the needs in Haiti. I can't wait to shop for all the goodies we will take! Keep 'em coming and check back for more current needs. I also bought two new books at Borders tonight. Can you guess which one I am excited about reading???

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There are still more great things to come, so come back later this week!


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Huge fan of the makeover. Kudos.