Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday with Sandra

Sound's like a movie title right?

This is Sandra. She has had a pretty crappy life. Her mom didn't want her so she dumped her off at her dad's house. Dad didn't want her so he took her to an orphanage. The orphanage apparently told him they would take her and then she would come back when she was a teenager. Not sure that that is how an orphanage should work? Thankfully, her dad's new woman went and got her out of the orphanage and brought her here. She came last week and had Kwash pretty bad. Today she wouldn't eat or drink anything so we put a tube down her nose into her stomach. I fed her every half hour or so. Don't worry, she is getting a "Medika Mamba milkshake" through her tube. She is still having bouts of vomiting. Pray for her tonight.