Sunday, August 2

Feast your eyes

Licia's precious and oh so very wild, Trey

The four boys are growing each week!

While waiting to get a shot in the clinic, this little one got in the peanut butter

Mango, anyone?

Think these people are into Voodoo?

Examene loves Medika Mamba!

And lastly, everyone's favorite adopted children, Amos and Story!

Happy Sunday :)


dreamingBIGdreams said...

love my babies.
thanks for the pics. you have NO IDEA how much that makes me smile or makes my day!
whenever you get home and have some down time ;) i would love if you could email me any pics of my kids & Fedna that you might have.

love you girl.


Kathy said...

Your blog makes my day...EVERY day!

cindi said...

How precious they are! Thanks for the pics. mom