Tuesday, July 14

All over the place

Ok this post is going to be chaotic, but bear with me, I have tons of photos I want to share.

This is where I stay. The clinic is on the bottom right, you can see the patients waiting. Licia's house is above that. On the bottom left is the rescue center and above there is where the rest of us stay.

And this is where all the magic happens...in the dressing room!

This is Licia doing her thing! Every Saturday she weighs all the kids in the Rescue Center to measure their progress. Sadly, this sweet little girl Daphca died early this morning. She originally came to the RC for bad burns on her hands but recently was not eating well at all. We put a feeding tube in (what you see in the pic) on Saturday, but she didn't get any better.

We try to take a couple mile hike every afternoon. It's great to get out and breathe fresh air. I really love seeing Haiti that way. Here are some pictures from the walks

We love when the rain comes over the mountains to cool us off!

Lori was power walking way ahead of us!

And here is some fun nursey stuff. Let that be your warning...

Remember the little girl who was scalped by the TV? We took her stitches out today and she is looking phenomenal!

This is a bad burn on the hand of a teenage girl. She lives very far and could not come everyday for dressing changes so she is staying here at the RC.

In other big news, I did my first sutures today!!!!!

And this is how happy I am in Haiti!!!!!!!


Ashley Jensen said...

I am so proud of you!! Congrats on your first suture there. I love reading your blog...makes me weepy, thankful and prayerful.

You have a truly servants heart!

I am praying for you.

Cathy Lawdanski said...

Caroline! Were you able to take all the medicine? I am so proud of you. You look so "nursy" in your scrubs! And you looked like an old pro doing those sutures! Praying for you! Cathy Lawdanski