Saturday, May 30

the best last 4 years in photos

4 years ago I moved into this Dorm

Kristen was my roommate and Christina and Mackenzie lived next door. They would quickly become my dearest friends...

I pledged ZTA and got a twin and a big sis!

Texas had an amazing football season that ended with a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

I went through Young Life leader training and was placed as a leader at Dripping Springs High School. I love these friends and loved serving with them.

That summer, I was an intern for Klein Young Life

Had the Best Week of my Life at Frontier Ranch with these girls

I moved into this apartment with Christina, Mackenzie and Kristen and have so many sweet memories of that place

We spent many fun weekends at the lakehouse in Marble Falls

On Spring Break I went on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic with a college group from Austin Stone. I would never be the same after that trip.

Christina began her Debutante seasons and I got to tag along for lots of fun parties

The next summer I had the other Best Week of My Life with my Drip girls at Crooked Creek Ranch

Then I jetted off to Spain to study abroad for 7 weeks

Just before school started I went with my family to Canada

When we got back from Canada we made two additions to the family, Addie and Bidge

Back in Austin, I moved into the ZTA house with Amanda and Jessica and loved living with them!

That fall I started Nursing school and would be stressed out for the next two years

However, I was still in college and there was still fun to be had. Christina and I drove to Denton to visit Caroline for her Dance Off December Christmas Party.

Had the other Best Week of my Life on a ski trip to Crooked Creek Ranch

Then I took another trip to the DR with a group from Austin Stone

In March I turned 21 and celebrated with sweet friends

Then in May Caroline and I set out on the Grandest Adventure to raft the Grand Canyon

Brad graduated high school and we celebrated in Center Field at the Astros game

I took some classes that summer and full advantage of living Austin

Then I moved into a house with these 6 sweet girls

Caroline married Mark in October and it was a joy to be in their wedding!

Senior year brought the best Texas vs. OU weekend and a triumphant win

Caroline took pictures of us for my parents' Christmas present. Look how big the puppies are now!

New Year's was awesome. No other way to put it.

I went to Haiti over Spring Break and God gave me a huge heart for the people there. I can't live my life the same as I was before that trip.

I have spent the last few months enjoying everything about living in Austin

they have been the best last 4 years...


Lori said...

I found your blog!!! WOW! This was so great to see. What a great college experience you had. I am so honored and excited to have the chance to serve along side you. I'm looking forward to your stay!
Lori in Haiti

Anonymous said...

Just wanted u to know that Lori and I are very excited about your upcoming trip to Haiti! Looking forward to seeing you experience life here and getting to see how God works through these beautiful people! R U ready for a life changing experience! We are waiting for u!

Hector said...

wow, that picture with you, ashley, kate and christina is a sick pic! i want to do a post like this! getting pictures ready now!