Monday, March 23

Haiti Day 2

On Saturday, we woke up to the gorgeous sunshine and the roosters. But not at the same time. Let's just say the roosters' biological clocks were a bit off and they decided to sound off about 3 a.m. Welcome to Haiti.

We then headed out to visit Three Angels Orphanage in PAP. This was actually my first experience visiting an orphanage. The children were precious if you can imagine and they are doing great things to help take care of them while most are in the process of being adopted. We had the chance to hug and love on the babies and have a ton of fun playing with the older kids. We even got to bring out a blow up pool and play in the water. They were such a joy to watch and it is so amazing that kids are the same everywhere (only in Haiti, they are a little tougher than us sissy Americans). They entertain themselves so easily and their joy does not come from stuff. God is definitely working on my heart and opening my mind to the idea of adoption.

Here are the kiddos playing in the pool

Look at those rolls! I loved this little chunk. He doesn't have a family yet.

Outside the orphanage

Tanya, Julie and me riding in the back of the truck.

After eating lunch at The Livesays, we had a really cool opportunity to visit a Compassion International project. If you don't know about Compassion you really should. You have the chance to sponsor a child in tons of countries around the world so that they can be released from "spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and they are enabled to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults." There are currently 62,900 children in Haiti who are part of the program.

We got to visit one of their Saturday extracurricular programs where each child can choose a class where they will receive skill training and eventually be able to provide for themselves and their families. Ever heard that if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life?

Here are some guys in the art class

These guys have chosen pottery.

Saturday night was just us girls (Aarron spent the night at the Livesays) and we had so much fun hanging out and talking.

Tonight, I continue to meditate on the prayers from God is No Stranger.

Father, we are all
hungry baby birds this morning
Our heart-mouths are gaping wide,
waiting for You to fill us.

Lord, how glad we are
that we don't hold You,
but that You hold us.

Tonight, I am really glad that He holds me.