Friday, February 13

Haiti Update: Many hands

There is a Haitian proverb that is translated, "With many hands, the load is not heavy."

Officially 4 weeks from today, we will be leaving for Haiti. God has been so faithful and since I sent out support letters 2 weeks ago, I have already raised $1355.00, and a lot more in prayers!!!!!! Wow, I am blown away at the generosity of my family and friends, and the desire to send me on the mission God has called me to. I am so grateful!

Also, we just got an update on what they need at the Rescue Center and clinic:

large safety pins
contact paper
index cards
hard candy
arts/crafta for the boys school
boys underwear (2T-and up)
girls underwear (2T- and up)
baby shampoo
baby lotion
hair pomade
spray bottle (like to put bleach water in to spray stuff down)
cheap plastic table cloths
rechargeable flashlights
rechargeable batteries
wind up flash lights

So there are the needs. We will be packing this stuff to take with us on the trip. If you have any of this stuff lying around, or can get a box together it will bless them in SO many ways!!! The dollar store is a great place to get lots of this stuff. If you live out of town and want to help, you can send a box to me, or money/gift card and I can get it here.

How can you resist those sweet faces?

Love you all and ask for your continued prayers over the next month!!!!